A Variety of Vapes, Tinctures, Syrups & Oils


A distillate based line of products that combine botanical terpenes to create the perfect entourage effect. A line of Topical products engineered to be the most flavorful.

Vapes, Oils, Tinctures & Syrups

Endo Products



The perfect mix of botanical terpenes to provide an upbeat, energetic, creative vibe.



Pure fruit terpenes to provide a the sweet taste you want.



A mix of terpenes that help tranquilize the whole body to help you fall asleep and keep you asleep.


Start by cultivating the best flower so you have the best raw material to start with. Then use the most advanced extraction techniques so you can produce very pure oils to use in this product line. Source the purest terpenes to create a perfect entourage to provide the variety of effects and tastes clients expect.

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