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We built a world-class, 100,000-square-foot facility that combines the best practices of cannabis cultivation with commercial agriculture techniques. We source the most desirable genetics, curated a select group of top-tier brands, invested in industry-leading equipment and technology, assembled an experienced team, and adopted the most rigorous standards in the market.

We harness tried-and-tested commercial agriculture practices to ensure that we can deliver on our promise consistently, efficiently, and at scale. We do this better through our decades of experience, advanced technology, advanced operating procedures, diverse genetics, state-of-the-art facility, and passionate team.

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Designer Runtz

House of Cultivar

Indica Flower Winner

Sugar Berry Cone

House of Cultivar

Caryphyllene Dominant Flower First Place Winner

Ice Cream Man

House of Cultivar

Terpinolene Dominant Flower Tied for Runner Up




We’ve invested more than $40 million in our state-of-the-art, 100,000-square-foot cultivation, manufacturing and processing facility. The cannabis we grow comes from great genetics, refined and carefully selected, and nurtured by our expert growers, who are equal parts scientists and artists. We’ve learned that the only way to produce consistent, quality cannabis is to create the perfect environment for cannabis to grow — and replicate it at scale — to make the best possible product every time.

Hand Manicured Flower


Offer your dispensary customers unique stains grown to perfection in our state of the art facility. Flower that is harvested, cured and trimmed with techniques similar to the Japanese art of Bonsai.


G-Night Vibez

Pre-Rolls by:Unique

(5) 0.5 gram pre rolls with a blend of indica leaning flower to achieve the perfect relaxation to get you asleep and keep you asleep

Electric Vibez

Pre-Rolls by:Unique

(5) 0.5 gram pre-rolls with a blend of sativa leaning flower to achieve energetic creative vibes to help you relax while getting stuff done


Pre-Rolls by:justFLOWR

Approachable medium size buds from a single batch of hybrid strains, made into a pack of (5) 0.7 gram pre-rolls

Mandarin Orange

Gummies by:Volatage

Mandarin Orange flavored gummies with a relaxing chill vibe, in a bag of (10) low dose 5MG gummies

Flower Blend

Flower by:Perpetual Harvest

High quality flower in a value package that has been grown in a very efficient facility


Pre-Rolls by:justFLOWR

A variety of Indica, Sativa, Hybrid pre-rolls on single 1 gram packaging

Just FLOWR - Indica

Flower by:justFLOWR

A variety of strains of Indica leaning genetics in an approachable package

Just FLOWR - Sativa

Flower by:justFLOWR

A variety of strains of Sativa leaning genetics in an approachable package



Greencare Collective cultivates and manufactures high quality cannabis from exclusive genetics for the Massachusetts retail and wholesale markets.

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